Aug 24, 2010

2nd Birthday Victorian Breakfast Party *super fun*

Here i am now; June 22nd 2010 is the day of my 2nd Birthday. 2 years of FUN, 2 years of GROWING, 2 years of LEARNING, 2 years of SOCIALIZING, and still THE BEST IS YET TO COME!! When it comes to my birthday, its always a PARTY! mom is a party person; and in fact i could say that; this is me and mom's birthday party. Yep, if you remember that mom's birthday is june 23rd. We had so much FUN with the family atmosphere and of course the BALLOON, the cake, the Victorian Breakfast Menu which is my favorites .. so the friends and families could taste my favorites and experiencing me some more on my birthday. Mom and Dad always taught me to share .. today i share my favorite menu, my favorite bear bank, my favorite cakes, and my favorite moment.

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